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LVP or luxury vinyl plank is a flooring solution that replicates wood plank in everything from its color to texture. It imitates hardwood and is a man-made product created from petroleum. At a later stage, the fine wood finish is printed onto it. Customers have varied options to choose from, as it comes in various tree species options-; maple, oak and walnut. LVPs are waterproof, easy to clean and can be customized as per preference. It is cheaper than hardwood and has an easy installation process.

LVT is luxury vinyl tile. It imitates the look of tiles and stones. It even looks exactly the same. LVT is a softer material compared to stone and tiles. It is more comfortable and low maintenance. As it’s softer than stone and tile, you don’t need to worry much about kids running around and falling. LVTs are water-resistant, easy to clean and much cheaper and easier to install.

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